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The Loft Sessions - Episode 2

It's here the second track from The Loft Sessions "Shooting Stars" filmed by Paul Andrew, (who I managed to grab hold of whilst over from Canada!) this particular song was used in Warner Bros. Pictures "Jack & Bobby", (which chronicled the present-day teenage years of two brothers, one of whom would become the President of the United States) the second in a series of 9 songs picked by all the wonderful folk on FB...Each song was recorded in one take with live vocal and guitar! I'm using my old original 1961 Gibson ES-330 (which I picked up in Chicago back in my Treehouse days) it's going through an old British vintage 1969 WEM Dominator Valve Amplifier, however I couldn't resist adding a little vintage Lorenzo Organ...😊

Check it out in the video section of this site. Hope y'all enjoy! Px


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